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Investment Management

Over 21,000 investment advisors, 750,000 investment brokers and a bewildering array of investment alternatives exist. A seasoned firm that understands your unique situation and then structures and communicates, without jargon, a strategy engineered to meet your goals, and endure varying economic climates, is the advisor of choice.

Our approach to security selection, no matter the asset class, is four tiered. A macro-economic, "top-down", perspective based on present and forecasted economic conditions is developed to determine client-appropriate investment sectors. Then, fundamental, "bottom-up", due diligence identifies specific alternatives within those sectors. Modern Portfolio Theory techniques then guide the allocation and diversification decision-making process. Foremost in importance, the portfolio composition is formalized only after its adherence with the client`s investment objectives is assured.

Continual monitoring, comprehensive and clear reporting are key components of a commitment to frequent communication and personal attention.