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The Company

OTTO CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, an Arizona state Registered Investment Advisor, was organized in 1974 to provide financial expertise and customized services to those that value a clearly defined process to the management of their investments.

Otto Capital Management was acquired in January of 2005 by Financial Design, a Los Angeles based money management and financial services firm.  Corporate offices for Financial Design and Otto Capital Management were consolidated and relocated to the Forum building in Central Scottsdale, 6263 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 290 Scottsdale, Arizona 85250 and continues to do business as Otto Capital Management.

The firm brings its extensive skills, significant resources, broad knowledge, and diverse experience to bear, in the form of private account management, for the benefit of qualified plan, corporate, trust, foundation, endowment and individual clients around the world.

We recognize our fiduciary responsibilities and are committed to meeting the highest ethical standard. The company is firmly resolved to enhance its client relationships by providing effective, well-communicated, comprehensive strategies.

Our service is ideally suited to those that appreciate the importance of a sustainable, individually focused, investment strategy based on a disciplined analysis of historical and client specific data.